Who Is It For?

If you’ve never felt sick, never had doubt, never experienced fear, if you’re healthy, if you’re successful and if you have everything you want in life STOP READING RIGHT NOW… this isn’t for you.

What Is It?

This is NOT the “fortune cookie” wisdom of traditional martial arts! This is practical experience gained from my personal life.

coolpic“A cold rain fell onto me as I stood on the sidewalk, watching the contents of my martial arts school being loaded into a moving van. It was 2009, and after 20 years my school had just closed. I’d trained thousands of students, including world champions. I’d been the disciple of a famous teacher, traveling with him and sharing his exclusive circle of friends. I’d published articles, created instructional DVDs, been featured on national television. But at that moment, it all seemed to be over. We were closed. I was also over $100,000 in debt at the time. Pretty serious stuff, yet I sit here today writing this I have one of the top performing schools in the country. I also added a number of new victories in combat sports and yet another MMA championship title to my school’s list of accomplishments. Today, I actually have the largest and most successful school I’ve ever had.”

Learn how martial arts can change both your body AND your mind. There is NOTHING you can’t work through. There is NO GOAL you can’t achieve!

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